What is Landing Page Find out how to create it!

What is Landing Page? Find out how to create it!

 What is a Landing Page? Could you find out how to create it?

A landing page is present in Inbound Marketing, known as a landing page or even a landing page, being used to convert leads.

The Landing Page’s main objective in the digital marketing strategy is to generate lead conversion, enabling better contact with potential customers and arousing even greater interest in becoming actual customers. For example, They can be found through forms to give consumers access to materials such as ebooks and infographics.

But after all, do you know how important it is to generate leads for your business? Leads in companies are seen as great opportunities, and it is essential to make them much more than just visits to your website but users of your proposed content, products and services.

The Landing Page makes this process much more straightforward, as with the necessary user data, it is possible to build a good relationship with them, better understand who these people are who consume your content and prepare your sales team for all potential opportunity checks.

The structure of a Landing Page

Knowing and understanding the format in which a Landing Page is formed is essential to creating pages with a high demand for conversions, meeting the objectives and following the strategies already set up. Check out some of the main elements for an excellent structure below.

Title and subtitle

It is essential to provide the necessary information to capture the public’s attention, as most visitors first check the header, filtering whether that page has what they are looking for. This indicates that the title and subtitle of a Landing Page are its most essential elements.

Creating attractive elements in a meaningful and objective way is essential, as no visitor is interested in content that initially drags them away. Be more accurate and convincing in your title to convince the user to take action on your Landing Page.


Using an attractive and objective image is ideal, assuming that a picture is worth a thousand words. Paying attention to using ready-made photos directly from an image bank is crucial, as they can have the opposite effect on the visitor and hinder their conversion.

Creating an image or customizing a template is an even more suitable option, providing greater credibility and trust between the company and its potential customers, which helps during conversion.

Offer description

The description of the offer on the Landing Page acts as a description that eliminates doubts and sells the idea of ​​the content offered, where we apply the content scanning process practically and efficiently. Follow the tips below and have a successful description.

  1. Highlight essential terms in bold;
  2. Focus on presenting more benefits than just functionality;
  3. Create short and objective sentences;
  4. Avoid large blocks for explanations; provide short, explanatory videos;
  5. Use bullet points.


The use of a form is essential, as it is at this stage where the conversion takes place. The best option for its assembly is to focus on highly relevant information, such as name and email address, as excess information required can result in the abandonment of your form and even page.

Tools for Creating a Landing Page

Using the ideal and efficient tools makes your Landing Page even more functional, facilitating your lead management and improving your conversion pages. Below, we list some of the most recommended tools for creating pages.

  1. RD Station Marketing

An even more economical option as it is a national tool, RD Station Marketing enables the integration of teams, optimizing contact processes with proposed opportunities, and a better understanding of how the customer interacts with the company. Its use is recommended for small and medium contact management businesses.

  1. HubSpot

HubSpot is a suitable option for more extensive strategies, with simple administration of the most diverse contactsThey also enable contact management, providing a lead history full of details.


Offering beautiful optimization of your Landing Page using creative designs, Unbounce allows you to use your templates or even create your versions practically and efficiently.

what is landing page in digital marketing

How do I promote my Landing Page?

The answer to this question is simple: using the most important means for promoting content, such as social networks, website/blog, email marketing and paid media.

It is invalid to create a Landing Page, and it is necessary to publicize it so that everyone is aware of its existence and consequently generates leads on your page. Social networks are an excellent option, as most of the most diverse audiences are present on them with high daily frequency.

The website/blog, email marketing and paid media provide more organic knowledge, bringing potential customers with specific interests to your pages.

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