What to include in my marketing strategy

What to include in my marketing strategy?

What to include in my marketing strategy?

A good marketing strategy always requires good planning and methods for better efficiency in your results.

The marketing strategy is nothing more than a set of actions planned and taken to expose your brand to the public, whether with products, services, or other components, to increase your sales engagement and build a positive image of your business.

In a marketing strategy, it is vital to cover all relevant means of communication in your campaign, sending consistent and planned messages, reaching the target audience, meeting your advertising goals, and providing greater visibility and trust for your company or brand.

Establishing good plans and strategies makes credibility, loyalty and communication with the public grow efficiently and successfully, resulting in satisfactory interaction between the company and customers.

Essential steps to follow for a good strategy

  1. Consistent audience or personas

Idealizing and studying your persona is an essential step in a marketing strategy, as it is where you will understand what your audience is looking for and needs. Enabling a better understanding and giving guidance on how to proceed with your strategy, for example, how to pronounce with the public ideal information to attract them, among others.

In creating your persona, it is essential to attribute particular interests, emotions, such as fears and desires, and personal stories for an even more precise and efficient strategy.

  1. Marketing channels (communication)

Choosing the ideal channels for communicating with your audience provides better engagement with your campaign, where it is necessary to plan consistent messages and expose them to reach and arouse interest in your target audience.

After studying your persona, this choice favours investment in relevant channels, such as social networks, blogs, email marketing, video platforms, etc.

  1. Tools

The tools are essential for an efficient and well-monitored marketing strategy, assisting in the analysis and conversion processes and offering information necessary to develop the entire campaign successfully. Check out some of the recommended tools below.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool provided by Google that allows you to analyze the performance of your website and monitor visits, keywords, most visited pages and other essential information.


Optimizely safely and efficiently performs A/B testing, where you can compare control and variation versions of a page and check which version has a better conversion rate, further optimizing your sales funnel.


The WooRank tool is free of charge, providing SEO analysis and reporting for any website quickly and conveniently. Using it, it is possible to check where visitors come from social media data, among others.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console complements Google Analytics, providing information on impressions, clicks, CTR, average positions, video performance data and various other details on your website.

Measure the results of your strategy.

Measuring the results of a marketing strategy is always very important since it is through this process that a company can monitor data and investments on how its system is performing, making it possible to correct or improve inefficient points in the campaign.

Following all the metrics and with the help of the necessary tools, measuring results offers essential data on the entire progress of your campaign.
marketing strategy

Main types of marketing strategy

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is a marketing strategy used to attract, convert, close the sale and build customer loyalty through organic, didactic and personalized means subtly, thus awakening the desire to buy or even buy from your company again. The measurement of results is also present in Inbound Marketing, carried out in real-time, visually displaying the entire strategy’s progress.

Content Marketing and SEO

Content marketing is a marketing strategy that works with Inbound Marketing, where the content aims to delight customers with your product or services. In addition to creating an image of authority for the company, you must also find the ideal keywords to connect the brand with its audience, spark people’s interest and attract them.

SEO techniques are used in the construction and development of websites, which are prepared according to the parameters established by Google, aiming for a good positioning of your website or blog.

Do you already know what to include in your Marketing strategy?

Knowing what to include in your marketing strategy is essential for a successful process and excellent results since it is from there that your company, products or services will be disclosed to the public, according to the planning carried out.

All the steps and tools available for your campaign can help businesses move towards success, ensuring better visibility, credibility and appreciation for the brand and its entire team.

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