What is a persona in digital marketing Understand the definition, importance and learn how to create one!

What is a persona in digital marketing? Understand the definition, importance and learn how to create one!

What is a persona in digital marketing? Understand the definition of importance and learn how to create one!

  1. There is a lot of talk about persona in digital marketing, but after all, do you know what it is? Discover in this article the importance of the persona in your strategy!
  2. Nowadays, brands adopt the most varied management and content strategies to reach their potential customers, and the persona is an important ally when thinking about who you want to go, who you produce your content for, and who you want to communicate with. Anyway, there are a series of possibilities, and to answer this question, it is essential to understand what a persona is in digital marketing, its importance, and, most importantly, know how to create a persona compatible with your business.

After all, what is a persona? Understand the concept behind it!

  1. By definition, a persona is nothing more than a fictional character created to represent an ideal customer idea for your business. To do this, it is necessary to be based on characteristics and data from real customers, considering factors such as demographic data, age, gender, social class, purchasing power and even more specific issues, such as any challenges, problems and goals that these people may have.

Persona x target audience

  1. From the beginning, it is essential to understand that persona is an entirely different concept from the target audience. It is more generalist and refers to a group of people with common behaviours and characteristics to which the brand or business directs its efforts. And investments in advertisements, content and campaigns.
  2. Working with real examples, the target audience for a clothing collection campaign for a particular department store could be women aged between 25 and 35 years old, with incomes between R$2000.00 and R$4000.00, with higher education training.
  3. Note that, in the case of the target audience, we are talking about a group with homogeneous characteristics and behaviours, not one person. This is essential to understand and differentiate what a persona is in digital marketing from the target audience.

Strategy for the group, communication for the individual

  1. The target audience is essential for directing efforts, investments and advertisements, aiming for a massive reach. Still, when we think about working on communication, colours, tone of communication and other more personal aspects, it cannot be easy to base it on a group of people. Although they have common characteristics, they have their individualities and subjectivities.
  2. This is where what a persona is in digital marketing comes into play: nothing more than a fictional character that represents the business’s ideal customer profile, created based on REAL DATA about this audience. Pay attention to the “real data”, as the characteristics that will represent this audience cannot come from mere hypotheses: it is necessary to conduct a study to reach conclusions.
  3. Understanding what a persona is has been fundamental for businesses in different segments, especially when we think about those that adopt Digital Marketing strategies, where it is essential to align the content produced with customers’ interests, journeys and profiles.
  4. In other words, the persona will help us understand individuals, considering their complexities and subjectivities and eliminating stereotypes and simplifications arising from target audience classification.digital marketing

How important is the persona in the Digital Marketing strategy?

  1. Now that we understand a persona in digital marketing let’s delve deeper into its importance in business strategy. Below, we list some reasons why it is essential to create a buyer persona to define and direct your content, the tone of communication and other factors.
  2. Among many reasons, establishing the persona will directly help in aspects such as:
    1. Understanding of the value of your product by your audience;
    2. Deepening the brand’s knowledge of its audience;
    3. Definition of the channels that will be used in your Digital Marketing strategy;
    4. Purpose of agendas and content that will be covered;
    5. Tone and language of communication adopted;
    6. Optimizing the experience of your potential customers, in general.
  3. This way, it becomes easier to establish bilateral communication with your customers, helping them to become loyal to the brand and its products and services.
  4. As important as understanding what a persona is in digital marketing and how important it is, it knows a little about the method for creating the ideal persona for your business, so below we have separated a step-by-step guide on how to proceed with research, analysis and building your persona:
    1. Collect data from real customers;
    2. Ask relevant questions to customers;
    3. Gather the answers obtained and analyze this data together;
    4. After collecting and analyzing the data, structure your persona;
    5. Share the created persona with employees involved with the Digital Marketing and Content Management strategy.
  5. To summarize, let’s give an example of what a complete persona definition would be:
  6. Example of persona: Gabriela, 27 years old, an architect who lives in the Pinheiros region, São Paulo and has worked in the area for three years. She has an Instagram page to promote her projects. Her hobbies are meditation, cycling in Ibirapuera Park, studying interior design and decoration, and watching makeup and skincare tutorials.
  7. Note that, to define the persona, it is essential to consider precise data such as name, age, city, training, professional position, routine, habits, hobbies, and subjects the person likes to follow.
  8. Now that you know what a persona is in digital marketing, understand its importance and have had an introduction to the methodology of how to create the ideal buyer persona for your business, you may also be interested in other content, such as
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