Website analysis: 5 factors to analyze

Website analysis: 5 factors to analyze

Having a website is simply buying a domain, hosting and a template. These three are essential to creating a page, but if you want a chance of success, you must do a web page analysis, which will tell you what is working and what things you should improve. Otherwise, you will be just another site that fails to attract visitors or achieve the objective for which it was created.

Let’s look at a list of critical factors to analyze your website and see how it performs.

Audit of the website structure

When you think about setting up your website, you clearly know what it should be like. That is very good because the structure is essential to organize everything that makes up the site, content, pages, etc.

If you notice that some text, image or section is unavailable, something is wrong in the structure, and you will have to do a more in-depth analysis of it.

Design appropriate to the page and its functions.

Directly dependent on the structure, the design is another fundamental element of web page analysis. Whether or not users feel attracted to the site depends on this, so it must draw their attention.

He has to be in tune with the general image of the project. It is often overlooked and loses much of the identity with which potential customers recognize your company on and off the internet, which makes you lose opportunities.

Usability to reduce bounce rate

If a visitor enters the website and only encounters difficulties navigating it, they will abandon it. And he will do it in a matter of seconds, increasing the page’s bounce rate.

If you notice this happening in web page analysis, you must find a way to improve usability so that users can easily find what they are looking for. Ensure it loads quickly and can be accessed without problems from any device. Keep in mind that mobile browsing is increasingly widespread.


Analysis of the contents of your website

Content is the most relevant factor in a web page analysis. The user and the algorithms rely on the type of content to determine if it is worth spending time on, so you have to take great care of this.

The content must be original and of quality, related to the topic to which you dedicate yourself, either directly or in some way that expands related concepts.

To do this, it is best to publish exciting things for the audience regularly.

Optimize the SEO of your website.

SEO must always be in any website analysis, mainly because the idea is to appear ahead of the competition. There are various tools to know if the page is optimized to position itself as it should and even to detect where and how to improve. At us, we are specialists in web positioning. Do not hesitate to contact us and get a free quote.

Many SEO aspects beyond keyword choice, such as image size or how long it takes Google robots to index content, deserve attention.

Only this?

These five elements allow you to take a first look at how your website is, but there are other ones you should consider. If you need help, contact us; we will help you improve your project as much as possible.

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