How do I measure the results of my marketing strategy

How do I measure the results of my marketing strategy?

How do I measure the results of my marketing strategy?

Measuring the performance of your marketing strategy is essential, as this analysis will show you how to maintain efficient results in your campaign.

Measuring a system’s results is the most appropriate choice to evaluate a strategy’s results. It is an essential tool that allows the team to track data, assess their investment and perform positive returns or possible conversions analysis for a more functional strategy.

For good measurement, the definition of indicators allows the company to understand better progression towards larger objectives, such as strategic and quality indicators.

1- Strategic indicators

This indicator model focuses more on developing objectives and goals for the company’s growth. It is based on the results your strategy had over a given period.

2- Quality indicators

Quality indicators are responsible for analyzing observations of strategy processes and activities verifying production, management and service provision.

Essential metrics for good results measurement

Goal setting

Establishing goals and objectives with a good marketing plan helps to leverage your strategy, bringing greater visibility to your company or even better engagement on your social networks, attracting your audience even more.

ROI calculation

ROI (Return on Investment) is one of the most critical ways of measuring the results of my strategy, as it is a way of calculating the impact of investments made by the company presenting the performance of its launched campaigns. This calculation involves subtracting the profit obtained from its invested cost and multiplying the result by 100, resulting in the gain percentage. It is necessary to add up all profits from marketing strategies, making it possible to check whether the project is going well.

Conversion rate

The conversion rate in measuring results measures total sales after your strategy, finding successes and errors, and promoting possible actions for better performance and reach of campaigns. The rate calculation is done by dividing the number of conversions generated by the number of guests.

Bounce rate

The bounce rate is the rate from which you can check the percentage of visitors who closed your website or blog shortly after accessing it. If this rate is high, reviewing your strategy and campaign to improve it and increase public engagement is recommended.

Essential tools for efficient measurement

There are some efficient tools available on Google, already used by marketing professionals to measure the results of a strategy safely and efficiently. Check out some of the most recommended ones below.

  1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool provided by Google, where you can analyze information about the website’s performance, such as visits, visitors, most accessed pages, keywords, bounce rate, and demographic data.

  1. Google Search Console

Google Search Console provides information about the website’s positioning in Google’s search index, serving as a diagnosis to measure the results of a strategy, containing searched keywords, clicks based on the keyword and various other data to help you safely monitor your website or blog.

  1. SEMrush

SEMrush is ideal for examining the results of content strategies on Google, with complete ranking reports, reduction or increase in keywords, and other information to better evolve your content. A comparison of your competitors’ performance is also available, a fundamental tool for good measurement of results and marketing strategy.

  1. SharpSpring

SharpSpring reports on your performance, helping to diagnose the results of launched marketing strategies, your audience’s engagement on the website or blog and lead conversion.

The importance of measuring the results of my strategy

Finally, it is essential to establish the fundamental importance of measuring the results of a marketing strategy, as it is this process that will help you in the efficient performance of your entire project, whether with measurement rates, Google tools or several others—available ways to generate good results in your campaign.

Measuring the results of a strategy makes it possible to correct points that are not working in projects through the analysis of consistent and reliable data in addition to increasing your profits, having good engagement with the public and ideal recognition of your brand, ensuring the success of your business.


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