How can E-mail Marketing help with my strategy

How can E-mail Marketing help with my strategy?

How can Email Marketing help with my strategy?

Used to expand your communication with the public and make them potential customers, Email marketing is one of the leading Digital Marketing strategies.

When we talk about email marketing, we are talking about a digital marketing strategy, where we use email to advertise products, services or even your brand directly. In addition to being a low-cost option, applying it to your plan brings audiences from the most diverse places, increasing the growth and credibility of your company.

In the past, email marketing was widely used in the form of spam, sending emails inconveniently and disproportionately to all possible audiences. However, this has undoubtedly bothered them, tarnishing the companies’ image. After recognizing that this idea would not be working, the companies themselves started a movement where public authorization was required to send the email.

With this new method, this style of digital marketing strategy began to be carried out successfully, achieving excellent engagement and conversion with the public.

Accompanied by a predictable reach, flexible format and a significant financial return, email marketing helps you achieve various objectives, such as promoting your content, strengthening relationships and nurturing your leads.

Essential types of email marketing

At some point in your life, you may have already received a marketing email from a particular company offering its products, but it is crucial to clarify that this is not the only one. Email categories can range from providing the product to confirming your purchase. Check out some of the main types of emails now.


The newsletter is an email marketing method used in an informative and periodic manner, in which the email sent contains information around a topic, bringing customers closer to the brand and updating their knowledge.

With this email model, it is possible to analyze the public’s interest in the links in the content, helping to understand your customers better and create segmentations that meet their preferences.

Promotional emails

Promotional emails are the most common, used daily by the most diverse companies in the market. Its function is to offer your products or services to enable knowledge of them, as well as promotions, discounts, prices and other information that induce the reader to purchase.

In the body of the content, it is essential to use informative images and links directed to the website to arouse the public’s interest as soon as they open the message. It is important to remember only to offer products that will be sold, and it is always recommended that you present products that will attract the attention of your potential customers.

Welcome email

The welcome marketing email is sent after the public registers on your website, where they accept to receive your campaigns. This is a way of presenting and informing you of what you will receive from that moment on, helping you understand what to expect from your company.

Email list building

Building an email marketing list requires maximum attention from your team, as exaggeration or lack of analysis can result in discomfort from potential buyers and a bad image of your company. You mustn’t buy a list, as this way, you invade the public’s personal space without their authorization.

Boosting ads in form formats is also highly effective, where the form used to acquire data provides high-quality and attractive content, as do newsletters.

email marketing strategy

Email marketing tools

Having efficient tools for sending mass emails is essential, as it is from them that all the work takes place, delivering emails quickly and conveniently. The market offers the most diverse options for this service. See the most recommended ones below.

  1. MailChimp

In addition to being a free option, MailChimp has essential and qualified resources, enabling the creation of personalized lists and layouts, even for people with little knowledge on the subject. The platform also measures the results of your campaign, further helping your team.

  1. RD Station

RD Station is a national tool used to optimize all digital marketing strategies. This tool is responsible for understanding how customers interact with your company, ensuring a functional plan at the perfect times.

Now that you know the importance of email marketing in your company, are you ready to implement it?

In planning and executing marketing campaigns, paying attention to each strategy stage, such as email marketing, is always essential. Knowing how to carry out the entire process and having the necessary metrics and tools makes promoting your company, products or services even more effective, but be careful with spam.

Also, check out our explanation of why I should include email marketing in my digital strategy and invest in this successful method in your campaigns!


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