Discover 5 Email Marketing tools for a successful strategy!

Discover 5 Email Marketing tools for a successful strategy!

  1. Strategies with Google Ads: what it is, benefits and four tips on how to apply it.

    Carrying out strategies with Google Ads is one of the most efficient and successful content and digital marketing methods. Save time and come and see how!

    What is Google Ads?

    Google Ads is a Google advertising platform where you can advertise your products or services through sponsored links. Using this tool makes it possible to view and control your budget and how you charge ads, such as CPC (cost per click), CPM (cost per thousand impressions) and CPA (cost per action).

    Planning strategies with Google Ads allows your advertising to appear to everyone searching for products or services related to your offering. This way, you only pay when people visit your website, consume your content, or even call your company.

    Google Ads is a way to pay to appear on the internet quickly and efficiently. The results obtained from ROI (return on investment) are excellent and satisfactory since the audience reached by the ads are people with segmented searches and likely to become potential customers.

    Advantages when purchasing strategies with Google Ads

    Appearing at the correct times in segmented searches brings the most diverse benefits to businesses, such as greater visibility and knowledge among potential customers. Check out some benefits of including Google Ads strategies in campaigns below.

    Possibility of segmentation

    The Google Ads platform allows you to target your ads in any way you want and that is most efficient for your strategy, through:

    • Keywords;
    • Segmentation by topics and channels;
    • Target Audience;
    • Ad display locations;
    • Ages, backgrounds and languages;
    • Programming days, times and frequency of exhibition;
    • Choice of devices, such as computers, cell phones, tablets, etc.

    Control your investment

    One of the most significant advantages of strategies with Google Ads is the control of the amounts invested, such as the value in ads per month, day, campaign or even after the costs obtained by CPC, CPM and CPA. If you have invested in video ads, you only pay when they watch your video for 30 seconds, the entire video if it is less than 30 seconds or in cases of interaction with CTA (call to action) buttons.


    Strategies with Google Ads are considerably more affordable than on other platforms, as it is possible to invest little, analyze whether the return was satisfactory and even start investing more without leaving the stipulated budget; of course, as the years go by and the number of competitors increases, the cost of keywords increases, but nothing out of the ordinary and still utterly accessible to all companies.


    But what techniques can I apply to Google Ads strategies?

    Trying to reach the public in any way is not an efficient way to follow strategies, as many like attractive, creative and exciting advertisements. With that in mind, we have listed some successful Google Ads strategies to reach your audience and have excellent returns.

    Know your audience’s interests.

    One of the resources provided by Google Ads, called In-market audiences, indiscriminately uses audience data collected by Google itself while we browse it. This resource allows companies to outline their goals and strategies based on this information, making the advertisement more effective and targeted.

    strategies with Google Ads

    Create dynamic and attractive ads.

    Strategies with Google Ads allow your ads to be dynamic through remarketing tools. This tool helps ads for specific products or services appear to audiences who have already visited your website, showing them exactly what they want and attracting their interest.

    Schedule ads at strategic times

    With the tools made available by Google Ads today, it is possible to schedule ads at the desired times, but don’t choose just any time. It is essential to pay attention to the times that your team can return contact with leads. Otherwise, it is a waste of charges and possible opportunities.

    Pay attention to competitor clicks.

    As we have already mentioned, in Google Ads strategies, the advertiser pays every time someone clicks on their ads; competitors nowadays are clicking on ads and sucking up your budget without any need. Luckily, Google Ads can stop them by excluding IPs, so you can ban any IP from competing companies that don’t want to see your ads.

    Ready to establish strategies with Google Ads?

    With so many proposed benefits, Google Ads strategies with adequate knowledge and efficient techniques bring excellent returns on your investments and great credibility for your company with the public. Invest in inviting ads, put the tips presented into action and measure the results.

    Look at our article “How to measure the results of my marketing strategy?” and integrate these metrics with your Google Ads campaigns!

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