Entity analysis know the strategy

Entity analysis: know the strategy

When discussing positioning strategies, we discuss a broad set of tools, techniques and actions. This is very good because each project is different and, as such, must have a plan adapted to each need. Entity analysis is a very effective method, which we will discuss in this post.

What is an entity?

Let’s start by explaining the basics and then go deeper into analyzing entities. We can define an entity as something that can refer to several things. For example, if we think of the word “bank,” we may be referring to where we have our money, a place to sit, a work surface, or even a group of animals.

Of course, if we put just the word “bank” in Google, many sites with little or nothing to do with what we are looking for will likely appear on our page. Therefore, if this word appears in your text, you have to help the search engine understand what you are referring to so that you can find out where you are interested.

That is, you must contextualize the keywords to improve your positioning so users interested in your offer can find you. If someone is looking for a sardine bank and you manage the page of a financial institution, they will indeed not enter your website, even if you are the first on the list.

How to do entity analysis

Several tools allow you to carry out an analysis of the entities that best fit your project. Knowing what terms your competition uses to position themselves with a specific keyword is also helpful.

The results have a certain resemblance to a since it shows a list with words complementary to the term to be positioned, indicating the number of times they appear in the SERPs and their relevance concerning the rest of the content.

How do you do entity analysis? You have to open the tool, enter a specific keyword and let the terms most related at the SEO level to the concept you want to highlight appear.

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Using the analysis results

Once we have entity analysis, how is it used? It is simple, although it requires some time to achieve the desired objective, which is to improve the SEO of your page.

You have to select the entities that best fit your project and use them to optimize the content on your website. In this way, search engines will better understand what you mean by a particular word, and you will increase your chances of climbing positions compared to your competition. You can improve your home page, the contact section, the explanation of your project or the articles you publish on your blog. All so that the Google algorithm knows how to index it.

Do you need help with entity analysis?

Indeed, you want to improve your SEO results on Google, but you need more time to do an entity analysis to optimize your content. You can leave it in the hands of an experienced SEO expert. At serprisers, we are in charge of developing a strategy that works, and we can offer you the most outstanding results by analyzing entities that interest you. Talk later?

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