Why invest in e-commerce for my business

Why invest in e-commerce for my business?

Why invest in e-commerce for my business? Discover the advantages of the virtual store!

Increasingly, companies, industries and brands operating in different market sectors have been looking for ways to expand their work. To overcome physical barriers quickly, safely and with a relatively low initial investment, e-commerce has been adopted as one of the main strategies due to cost-benefit, security and convenience, all on a single platform, which benefits both customers and entrepreneurs.

Internet shopping is here to stay. Is your business prepared to meet this demand?

For those who don’t know, e-commerce consists of electronic and digital means (such as websites and applications) that enable the sale of products or services over the Internet. This vast trade can include products, equipment, accessories and structures for residential, commercial or even industrial use or go beyond commercializing services, such as online courses, airline tickets, accommodation, consultancy and many others.

E-commerce is a viable alternative to boost and expand your work if you already have physical stores or start a new business with a more restricted budget. By dispensing with the bureaucracy and tenders that physical stores require, e-commerce can go live less quickly and require less investment and expenses. You won’t have to deal with IPTU, rent, water and electricity bills, or even the licenses operating a physical store requires.

To maintain a physical store, whether small or medium-sized, it is ideal to have employees, salespeople, cashiers or even security guards and stockists, depending on your segment. In e-commerce, you can adapt e-commerce to your reality and expand as your demand increases. Furthermore, e-commerce platforms are intelligent, safe and intuitive, allowing many customers to start and finish their purchases alone.

Say goodbye to long lines in physical stores!

Queues are a reality in physical stores, especially on commemorative dates, such as Black Friday, Christmas, Mother’s or Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Children’s Day, Easter and others. As a result, establishments become overloaded, providing a terrible experience for consumers, who may even give up on completing the purchase due to impatience or willingness to wait.

In e-commerce, the consumer will not suffer from these problems, being able to make purchases from the comfort of their home without having to wait to make payment. The company, in turn, will not have to use several cashiers to register purchases and fees, as the e-commerce platform will do all of this alone.


Track data and results in real time!

E-commerce consists of more than just a virtual store. It is a fact that what is visible to consumers is the website interface, but in the “backstage”, there are intelligent platforms that control and record all accesses obtained per day, week, month or year, the lead conversion rate, which are the referrers on your website (URLs, search engines, social networks and keywords that took the user to your website) and a series of other information.

This way, you can prepare for your demand, calculating average rates, observing days of the week and times with the highest traffic and other statistics that can even guide you if you are going the right way, if you need to expand your platform or if the customers are requesting new products or services.

The virtual store puts an end to geographical barriers!

Suppose you want to reach customers from different neighbourhoods. In that case, even if they belong to the same city where your company or brand is located or expand to include customers from other states or regions, e-commerce can boost your sales and eliminate geographic barriers to marketing your products or services.

With a physical store, the entrepreneur is sometimes restricted to geographic factors, and it may only occasionally be located in a commercial region. On the other hand, if you want to be found in good points of sale, you will have to make significant investments, as buying or renting these spaces tends to have high prices.

Personalize your customer service and experience, even from a distance!

Anyone who thinks that, through e-commerce, it is impossible to personalize the customer experience is mistaken. Humanized relationships are an increasingly popular topic among large companies and brands: with a highly competitive market, entrepreneurs with differences win, be it in the product, delivery times, prices or service.

In e-commerce, it is ideal to have a multichannel service and a chat that assists with possible questions, suggestions, complaints or problems that consumers have (such as in cases of product exchange or return). Transmitting security and trust is essential for the customer to create a lasting relationship with your brand, and to achieve this, it is necessary to provide all the support they need, from any doubts before purchasing to the post-sales phase.

Conclusion: e-commerce has the best cost-benefit!

With a low initial investment, no costs for renting physical spaces to receive the public, the need for a lower number of employees (about physical stores in the same segment and size), greater security, convenience and efficiency, having e-commerce with a high-quality virtual store is essential to boost your business results.

Therefore, if you want to invest in e-commerce for your business, you can hire companies specialized in digital marketing, which not only provide a good platform for your website and a good experience for consumers but also guarantee ideal visibility for your customers. Find it on search engines like Google and social networks with ease!


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