OOH What is Out of Home media in marketing strategy

OOH: What is Out of Home media in marketing strategy?

OOH: What is Out of Home media in marketing strategy?

Home media in your marketing strategy is a way to reach your potential customers outside their homes surprisingly and innovatively.

What is Out of Home media?

Home media in the marketing strategy, or OOH, is nothing more than advertisements and exhibitions of brands, products, or services carried out outside homes, such as advertisements on bus doors, billboards, and subways, among many others. This is an excellent campaign option, as nowadays, most of the public spends more time outside than inside their homes.

With the frequent development of advanced technologies, many companies end up not investing in other strategies as functional as digital marketing. Still, I come through this article to remind you that even with years of existence, Home media in the marketing strategy has become even more innovative and attractive, even with the help of technology.

But what benefits does OOH bring to business?

Like other strategies, Out of Home media provides the most diverse advantages in its implementation, such as a broad reach of its audience in different places. Check out some of the benefits we’ve listed below.

Great value for money

Compared to other media, Out of Home media in the marketing strategy has an excellent cost-benefit ratio, as it generates satisfactory returns. Even small companies can invest in this type of campaign, making it possible to support a smaller amount in advertising on bus fleets and have an excellent return.

It’s impossible to avoid it.

When we see an advertisement on the internet or television, it is widespread for us to turn off the device, change the channel, and close the advertisements, among other ways to avoid that advertisement. This is almost impossible with out-of-home media, as we cannot turn off a panel or ignore a billboard, bus door, etc.

With a high number of people on the streets daily, indeed, at some point during the day, these people will see some advertisement, in a subtle and non-intrusive way, where it is possible to attract their attention in moments of distractions on buses, subways or taxis, for example, and generating significant returns.

Home media in marketing strategy

Possibility of mass or segmented dissemination

With the help of technology, it is possible to disseminate Home media ads in a mass marketing strategy or, specifically, reach different groups depending on their segmentation. Its customization allows you to choose strategic points around the city, depending on your target audience and their routines.

Not to mention its high flexibility, allowing everything from small businesses to carry out local campaigns to more prominent brands that opt ​​for mobile media, such as buses or taxis.

The integration of Out of Home media into the Digital Marketing strategy

Combining digital marketing with out-of-home media in the marketing strategy is fundamental, as complementing each other attracts an even larger audience creatively and innovatively. Even big brands have realized that combining these two campaigns brings a completely satisfactory return to business. Below, we list some ways to combine both in the same strategy.

  1. Out of Home Media and Social Networks

OOH media has a high demand for impact and reach, while social networks have excellent engagement with thousands of people daily. Combining them is an excellent idea to encourage hashtags, for example, and several other actions that generate good engagement for both campaigns.

  1. Home Media and Digital Platforms

Integrating panels, posters and flyers with digital platforms through QR codes and promotional codes allows for even more significant interaction and attraction with your potential customers, bringing them to your media, where your team, through the sales funnel, will try to take them until the purchase is complete.

  1. Home media and its segmentation

Segmenting Home media ads in your marketing strategy is essential, attracting audiences more interested in your offering and creating opportunities for more excellent public knowledge. With the help of technology, systems can complement and grow your business even further, providing credibility and a perfect relationship between your company and the public.

Is Out of Home media worth applying to my marketing strategy?

The answer to this question is YES! Every campaign method is valid when it has an excellent rate of return to business. Home media in the marketing strategy, despite being old, if used innovatively and creatively, allows you to reach unimaginable audiences in different places and result in a large number of conversions to your company’s customers.

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