Linkbaiting vs Linkbuilding: What are their differences?

Linkbaiting vs Linkbuilding: What are their differences?

When talking about positioning strategies, finding aspects such as the use of links that attract the audience is ubiquitous. Google and the rest of the search engines take into account that a page, or specific content, is shared and has links from other sites. Regardless of whether this is good or bad, depending on the quality of the areas that link, which we will talk about at another time, in this article, we want to talk about two concepts that may sound similar but have nuances that differentiate them. We are going to discuss the differences between linking buildings and link building.

Link baiting, putting “bait” to link

The literal translation of Link baiting is link bait, which may mean someone fishing. And to a certain extent, this is the case since the idea is to capture attention to the time that connects us naturally. To do this, you need high-quality content whose value makes the person reading it consider it worth highlighting.

What is Linkbaiting?

It is not easy to achieve this type of link, mainly due to the many sites that talk about the same things. But if you work correctly and do not try to force the situation, you can get someone to link from their blog, social networks, etc. From then on, it will be easier for others to do the same.

Linkbuilding, creating links

In the Linkbaiting vs. Linkbuilding battle, the second is a less natural method. Predominantly since it mainly consists of buying links, which often come from sites with some authority.

What is Linkbuilding?

Quality must also be taken care of for this strategy to be effective. In this case, the quality of the sites where the links appear. Google takes great care that a link comes from a page related to the topic being talked about and not from places where they are posted in any way. Those known as “link farms” have little or no relevance in the SEO world. Often, all that is achieved is a penalty.


Link baiting vs. building, which is better?

You may wonder which of the two opponents will win in the Linkbaiting vs. Linkbuilding battle. We can discuss a technical tie as long as it is done well.

Both techniques aim to get other media to link to our content and for the algorithms to consider it. You also have to take great care of the quality of both the content and the sites on which those links appear since authority and attractiveness for positioning depend to a large extent on it.

Combine Linkbaiting with Linkbuilding

It is best to combine the two methods in the strategy, looking for sites where you can get a link or attracting the attention of others so that they do it on their initiative.

Do you now better understand the differences between link baiting and Link building? If the answer is yes, we are delighted. That was the goal from the beginning. At us, we dedicate a large part of our time to implementing these types of techniques for our clients. If you need an agency specialized in link building and Link baiting, do not hesitate to contact us.

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