How much does it cost to make a page on PrestaShop

How much does it cost to make a page on PrestaShop?

The price of making a website in Prestashop

The price of an online store with Prestashop will depend on the domain, hosting, payment modules, additional modules and SEM, which we can invest. An online store with Prestashop can cost 1,500 euros to 3,000 euros. Prestashop is characterized by being accessible. That is, its download and installation are free—no monthly payments or commissions on sales. Anyone who wants to know the price for creating the website, in this case in Prestashop, can go to the main page of this CMS and investigate the developer’s section to find the most suitable one for the rate and needs of the project.

If you wonder how much an online store in Prestashop costs, this is your article. Ultimately, the question of how much an online store in Prestashop costs depends on adding or subtracting the following options and possibilities. But, before launching it, it is essential to evaluate how much an online store with Prestashop costs according to the features and functionalities that you have previously serprisers. At, we always remember repeating that the most crucial factor before knowing how much it costs to execute a project is the assessment and experience of the freelance developer who will carry it out. Therefore, the price of creating and making an online store in Prestashop can vary significantly since the value of this service depends on the complexity of each project on the Internet,

Developing the website is one of the first investments when setting up an online store. The collection of this money comes from the extra services that Prestashop offers, and to create any online store in Prestashop, you need more than just downloading the software for free. As with WordPress and as mentioned in previous paragraphs, you can only install Prestashop from the download link offered on their official website. On the Prestashop page, you can see the countless themes they provide for creating online stores. Follow all the steps on this page to migrate to PrestaShop successfully and continue selling online.

Is Prestashop free?

As we have seen above, the PrestaShop CMS is free software that you can download yourself from its official website and install on your server, but with this, you will not have an online store, only software that can function as an online store but you will need more than half the way still to go. Webasyst Shop-Script – an online store with a closed source contains several modules, downloaded plugins, and three design examples for your web page, costing 1,700 euros. But to get the most out of it, different aspects must be considered, including the price of creating an online store in Prestashop, its additional derived costs, and how to work with it.

Factors that affect the price of a page in PrestaShop

Several factors must be considered when calculating the price of making a page in PrestaShop. Here are the most relevant ones:


Custom Design vs. predesigned templates

The design of your PrestaShop page can be customized or based on a pre-designed template. A custom design can be more expensive as it will require the work of a professional web designer. On the other hand, predesigned templates are cheaper and easier to implement, but they can limit the originality of your page.


Required functionalities and features

The price of a page in PrestaShop will also depend on the functionalities and features you need. PrestaShop offers many options, such as product catalogues, shopping carts, payment gateways, and integration with social networks, among others. If you require advanced features or specific customizations, the price will increase.


Number of products and categories

The size of your online store, in terms of the number of products and categories, will also influence the price. The larger your catalogue is, the more time and effort it will require to configure and manage.


Integrations with third parties

If you need to integrate your PrestaShop page with other systems or services, such as inventory management systems or marketing tools, consider the additional costs associated with those integrations.



Costs associated with creating a page in PrestaShop

When creating a page in PrestaShop, there are several costs that you must take into account. Here are the main ones:


Development and design of the page

The development and design of your PrestaShop page can be done by a professional, or you can do it yourself if you have the necessary technical knowledge. If you hire a professional, the price will depend on the complexity of the design and the functionalities required.


Domain and hosting

For your PrestaShop page to be online, you will need a domain (the name of your page) and a hosting service (the space where your page will be stored). Domain and hosting costs can vary depending on the provider you choose and the type of plan you need.


Extensions and additional modules

PrestaShop offers a wide range of extensions and add-on modules that you can use to expand the functionalities of your online store. Some extensions are free, while others have a cost associated with them. Consider these costs when calculating the budget for your PrestaShop page.


Maintenance and updates

Once your PrestaShop page runs, it will need regular maintenance and periodic updates to ensure its security and performance. You can choose to perform these tasks yourself or hire a professional to perform them for you. The costs associated with this will depend on the complexity of your page and the frequency of updates.


Options to reduce the cost of a page in PrestaShop

If you are looking to reduce costs when creating a page in PrestaShop, here are some options you can consider:


Use predesigned templates

You can use a predesigned template instead of investing in a custom design. PrestaShop offers a wide selection of templates that you can customize to your needs. These templates are cheaper and will allow you to save on design costs.


Limit the number of products and categories.

While it is tempting to have an extensive catalogue, limiting the number of products and categories can help you reduce the costs associated with creating and managing your PrestaShop page. Focus on the most relevant and popular products to optimize your budget.


Choose free or inexpensive integrations and extensions.

Consider free or cheap options when selecting integrations and extensions for your PrestaShop page. PrestaShop has an active community that creates and shares free extensions that can meet many needs. Carefully evaluate your options before making a purchase.


The price of making a page in PrestaShop can vary depending on several factors, such as the design, the required functionalities, the catalogue size, and integrations with third parties. Considering these factors and evaluating your needs is essential before calculating a budget. Remember that there are options to reduce costs, such as using predesigned templates and selecting free or inexpensive extensions. By making informed decisions, you can create a PrestaShop page that fits your budget and meets your business goals.

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