Generate Prestashop Sitemap

Generate Prestashop Sitemap

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Today, we will see how to generate a sitemap of your Prestashop store for Google. We have several options, although the two most common are to do it via modules. In this case, we have chosen the following:

  • Google sitemap: It is the default Prestashop sitemap module. It’s free. In some initial versions of Prestashop 1.7, you will even have to download it since it is not installed. You can do it, and we recommend downloading the .zip file and uploading it manually from Modules.
  • The configuration options of this module are limited but sufficient for small stores. It generates a single .xml file that, depending on the volume of URLs in your online store, may not be very accurate for the SEO technician since the Search Console will not allow you to differentiate coverage problems correctly.
  • LGSitemap: This Graphic Line module is much more complete when it comes to generating the sitemap since it allows you to create different sitemaps for both products and categories, thus facilitating what we mentioned before, being able to differentiate in Search Console in case there are coverage problems.
  • It is one that we recommend to clients since it also allows you to configure the image’s priority, frequency, and size and allows the possibility of including or excluding hidden products.
  • Sitemap by DevBlinders: This module from the Prestashop DevBlinders development agency is a FREE and complete alternative; it even works for multi-language stores since it separates the different sitemaps according to language. You can choose what type of sitemaps to generate. It is undoubtedly our recommendation to use. Excellent work from these colleagues who are improving daily the range of modules focused on SEO at no cost.

Prestashop Sitemap

There is also the option of creating the sitemap manually using an external program such as Screaming Frog, which, if your website is small, the free version should work. Here is your manual on how to do it, although it is in English: 

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