Find out how to have a successful website for your business!

Find out how to have a successful website for your business!

Find out how to have a successful website for your business!

In addition to excellent performance in your marketing strategy, a successful website brings ideal recognition to your company.

What is Google Ads?

After all, do you know the importance of a successful website in your strategies and campaigns? Despite the most modern means of communicating with the public, the website is still considered a main online channel, which provides excellent opportunities for your company.

A website is the first vehicle sought when there is interest in purchasing services or products, and it is essential to contain the necessary information to present your company and arouse greater interest from customers, discreetly inducing them to complete the purchase.

Planning and creating a successful website begins with the digital marketing strategy, where your team must develop efficient plans and strategies to promote your brand, products or services on the Internet.

What to follow in digital marketing for a successful website?

Persona and Sales Funnel

Before applying digital marketing to your website, it is essential to consider the information about your already defined persona and the studied sales funnel so you can have a base from which to live and where to go. With all the information established, you can write the website content according to the two points of the strategy, such as:

  • Home: Presentation of your company to the public;
  • Who we are: Display of the history and details of your business;
  • Services or products: Description of the products or services offered;
  • Contact: Means of communication with your team or even a form.

Promote your successful website.

Promoting your website through other digital channels is essential; this way, you can attract an even larger audience and improve communication with your potential customers.

Paid media is an excellent option for promoting websites and making them a successful website, where you need to buy space to promote your brand, service or product. This way, it is possible to reach a more significant number of audiences.

It is also possible to use social networks and emails. Social networks have many people present there daily, providing good communication and total engagement with the brand. Despite not being talked about as much, many people still use it, and it is recommended to contain the signature of your website and a CTA to get to know you.

Stages of developing a successful website

Domain selection

Do you know what a domain is? Well done! Domain is a shortcut for people to find and visit a website in their browser. The website address must include the company’s name or keywords in the case of blogs.

Some of the tools used to purchase domains with the “.com” or “” extensions are GoDaddy and RegistroBR. Their prices are variable but completely affordable.


website maker

Server selection

Choosing a good server is essential for a successful website, as they are where your data, such as texts, images and videos, are stored in an internet space. Servers are classified into two types: shared and dedicated.

The shared server is generally used for companies just starting out or with little traffic demand, where they carry out their hosting by sharing space with owners of other websites.

The dedicated server is its own space, ideal for websites with a more significant amount of traffic and needs a vigorous host to keep them online.

CMS selection

The CMS or Content Management System is responsible for developing and managing content for a successful website. The owners of the most diverse companies tend to use WordPress, an efficient and effective tool in their functions.

One of its most significant benefits is its ease, enabling the creation of successful websites or exceptional blogs, even by people with little experience and knowledge on the subject. They are available in two versions for even more complete development.

Do you know how to create a successful website for your marketing strategy?

Having a successful website is one of the most important steps towards a good marketing strategy, as it is where the most relevant points take place, such as the exposure of your services, products or even brands. In addition, it is a space from which the customer will acquire the necessary information to understand the company better, thus deciding whether to purchase the offered items.

With the ideal techniques and tools, you can obtain excellent results and conversions from your successful website, promoting your strategies and companies’ growth, recognition and credibility.

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