Digital Marketing content and post formats for social networks

Digital Marketing: content and post formats for social networks

Digital Marketing: content and post formats for social networks.

Currently, the public loves the presence and interaction of companies on social media, giving an impression of proximity. But after all, do you know how to do this?

What is the purpose of posts on company social networks?

Used as a means of quick communication with customers and potential customers, social media posts enable immense reach to the public and engagement with the brand to generate qualified leads and grow the business. Communication carried out through posts on social networks is based on more segmented content, which leads to reaching specific audiences with an even greater chance of becoming customers.

Through these social media posts, it is possible to get to know your target audience even better, understand their preferences, needs, solutions that your company can provide and many other ideal points to consider when planning marketing strategies.

It is essential to highlight that posts for social networks must be under the platform of choice, such as Facebook, which is used for communication and interaction, Twitter for quick and straightforward exchange, and LinkedIn for contact between professionals and companies, among many other platforms. Available. Continue reading and learn about the types of content and formats ideal for successful posts.

Platforms and their types of content

With so many platforms currently available, it is essential to establish the ideal venues for your company that will best assist in your social media posting strategies. Establish content according to the chosen means of communication and monitor the success of your publications. We have listed some of the platforms and their ideal range below.

Facebook: As a social network with a large concentration of profiles and pages, it is interesting to use it to interact with your target audience. Link news to your products or services and provide polls and discounts for those who mention as many friends as possible, among other interactive ways of communicating with your followers.

Twitter: People present on Twitter daily like shorter and more direct texts, even because the number of characters per tweet is minimal, making long and non-objective content impossible. As a platform for quick posts and more personal interaction with followers, provide links related to the topics you want to cover and use one of the essential tips for posting for social media: be human.

Instagram: On Instagram, it is expected to find photos or short videos presenting the products or services that a brand offers to the public. Invest in closer posts, such as polls, pictures or videos featuring executives, interactive stories, templates, and filters and remember to showcase your products, services or even your brand.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is concentrated more in the corporate world, where people or companies in the same segment are looking for business-related topics, new opportunities, investments, etc. Industry news is an excellent social media post idea on this platform.


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Innovative post formats for social media

If the public loves news and new communication formats, adapting to these new developments to improve your investments and campaigns is an excellent and recommended option. You may have already heard of Stories, IGVT, Reels, and TikTok, among other post formats for social media. Check out some ideal ways to deal with these formats.

Stories on Instagram and Facebook.

As a more impersonal and distracting way of communicating with your potential customers or clients, stories allow you to publish interactive posts, such as polls, questions and various other methods of engaging with the posted content and getting closer to your followers. Remember: too many daily posts generally tire your followers and create the opposite effect you are looking for.

IGVT on Instagram

IGVTs ​​are an extension of Instagram videos, where videos can be published for up to 15 minutes. If your company’s account is verified or has more than 10,000 followers, the time extends to 60 minutes. Summarized and interactive, informative videos are popular with IGVTs ​​and the public.

Rules and TikTok

Two similar ways of posting to social media, but two different platforms. While TikTok has a unique market share, Reels appears alongside Instagram. Still, both have very similar purposes, such as publishing short, interactive videos where you can carry out challenges, reproduce memes or even present the personality and authenticity of your brand. Brand creatively.

TIP: Only sometimes use the same content across platforms, as each has its specifications, meaning the public prefers unique and creative posts.

Results of posts for social networks as a strategy

After measuring the results of your social media posts, it will be possible to analyze the return such a campaign brings to the business. But the efficiency of this strategy in Digital Marketing is already more than proven, as social media is the platform where potential customers are most willing to find out about innovative products, services and brands.

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