What is a digital portfolio and how is it made

What is a digital portfolio and how is it made?

The world of online marketing is full of concepts, some of which come from other disciplines, such as art. For example, every professional needs a good portfolio showing he knows what he does. In this article, we will talk about what a digital portfolio is, some things it should have and how it is done.

What is a digital portfolio?

Let’s start with the basics. What is a portfolio? This is a compilation of the most outstanding projects done by a professional. In the case of digital marketing, it will focus on jobs that define the type of professional and the experience they can provide.

In many cases, the portfolio can determine a client’s intention to choose or not choose the services of the person who has it. Therefore, it is crucial to have an excellent catalogue to demonstrate that you are the person or organization your target audience needs.

That is, to the question of what a portfolio is, the most straightforward answer is that it is a virtual business card.

How to make a digital portfolio

A digital portfolio can vary depending on the professional who maintains it. A graphic designer will need a visual medium, while a graphic designer can use one with fewer resources.

A portfolio should be easy to access. Therefore, it is customary to use a website that functions as a showcase. In it, you can upload the best works or link to the projects that best define our professional style.

A portfolio’s main objective is to sell and capture attention, showing excitingly why your offer is the best. Furthermore, it must be supported by a real foundation, especially when it comes to a . If results are shown, they should be authentic and not alter the graphs to make it look like everything is working better than it is.

Elements included in a digital portfolio

What should a portfolio include? This also depends on the type of job you are targeting. For example, if you are a graphic designer or photographer, you will need the public to see your best creations. A can serve you very well as a portfolio.

In the case of an online marketing portfolio, it is best to show some of the projects that have been worked on and the testimonials of those responsible, highlighting the professional’s strengths.

If you have obtained an award or recognition for a particular project, you cannot stop showing it. It also doesn’t hurt to put guest articles on some page talking about what you know how to do. This way, you can gain authority in your sector and show that you are not a “smoke salesman.”

Do you still need to get a portfolio yet?

Now that you know what a digital portfolio is, you may realize you already have it, although it needs a few tweaks.

Or not; you need a portfolio as soon as possible. And not only that, but position it well to reach your target audience. We can help you with the latter at serprisers. Talk later?

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