Quality SMI at Digitalks Expo: An Overview of Everything We Follow!

Quality SMI at Digitalks Expo: An Overview of Everything We Follow!

Quality SMI at Digitalks Expo 2023: An Overview of Everything We Follow!

Digital Expo 2023 was a true epicentre of the latest innovations and trends in digital marketing and technology. Quality SMI was present on the two days of the event (23 and 24/08) with the stand inside ABRADi. Of course, we succeeded in following the lectures with big names in digital marketing, innovation and technology, who brought insights and presented trends in the market and practical success stories.

In this editorial, we will talk briefly about the lectures we attended at Digitalks Expo 2023 and how innovative solutions are shaping the future of digital marketing and professions. Get ready for exclusive insight and follow the latest news and wisdom as we dive into the perspectives and strategies shaping the global digital landscape.

Artificial Intelligence & the (r)evolution in Professions: Martha Gabriel at Digitalks Expo 2023

At the most recent edition of Digitalks Expo, Martha Gabriel, one of the greatest authorities on intelligence technology, was the opening voice and has already brought an intriguing perspective on the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on professions.

The author of the book “You, Me and the Robots” (2021) highlighted how technological evolution has shaped our trajectory from humanity’s period of hunting and gathering through the agricultural and industrial eras to the information age, where AI takes over a fundamental role. She highlighted that technology is a tool and an extension of human intelligence. She even made a provocation, saying that “an average person empowered by technology becomes better than the greatest human expert working without technology“.

Martha Gabriel also emphasized that AI devoid of empathy and humanity “can be cruel”. She highlighted that professionals from different areas must develop new skills to face the challenges of this new era, adapting and evolving. She concluded with the message that we will not be replaced by technology but by those who know how to use it intelligently and humanely: “If you don’t want to be replaced by a robot, don’t be a robot!”

Not ironically, it is worth highlighting that this text was prepared with the help of an AI to demonstrate how technology is increasingly present in our daily lives, especially in creating content. Digital Expo 2023 has already started on the right foot. It has proven to be a crucial meeting point to discuss the implications of AI in professions, with inspiring insights into how we can navigate this new world of opportunities and challenges.

Lecture at Digitalks Expo 2023 Reveals How AI Boosts Business Productivity

Also, on the first day of Digitalks Expo 2023, Kenneth Corrêa, an MBA Professor at FGV and Head of Strategy at 80 20 Marketing, presented a lecture on the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools in the corporate world. An artificial intelligence enthusiast, Corrêa delivered valuable insights in just 20 minutes, highlighting how these innovations boost organizational efficiency and productivity.

Bringing a success story from a client in the textile segment who was suffering from unfair competition due to dumping, Kenneth began by highlighting the use of “Perplexity”, a tool that fulfils the same functions as ChatGPT, with the difference of conducting autonomous research and providing sources relevant, saving time and resources in decision making.

Still on the most popular language model today, the speaker emphasized ChatGPT’s excellent capacity for content production, with one caveat: the user must provide the appropriate context to the tool and execute assertive prompts to obtain high-quality responses. Without proper context and with poor prompts, the likelihood of receiving an equally poor reaction is high.

Kenneth also mentioned “Gamma” for those who need a free presentation application that simplifies sharing information, doing so in a more effective and visually appealing way. Finally, he discussed “Rationale”, a tool that helps decision-making by offering support for analysis and solid argumentation.

Head of Sales and Content Director at Tastemade bring insights into content marketing trends to Digitalks Expo 2023

In a talk held at the last edition of Digitalks Expo 2023, Bruno Gomes, Head of Sales and Brand Partnership at Tastemade LatAm, and Camila Passeti, Content and distribution Director at Tastemade, highlighted the importance of authenticity and collaboration, essential for content marketing in subsequent years.

“If I remove the brand, will the content still make sense to my audience?” urged the speakers, with a question that should be asked by any company that wants to create quality content.

Tastemade, an American media company specializing in culinary content, exemplifies how authenticity can lead to success. The company produces high-quality, fun, informative videos and showcases food authentically and deliciously.

The two highlighted the importance of collaboration between marketing and sales departments, translating this into the art of creating versus the art of monetizing: “These two arts need to go together for content marketing to be effective.”

Collaboration between the two departments can lead to a range of benefits, including:

    • ⦁ Creating more authentic designs: When both departments work together, they can ensure content is made based on customer needs.


    • ⦁ Strategic alignment: Collaboration between departments can help ensure that content marketing is aligned with the company’s business goals.


    • ⦁ Better understanding of the audience: When the two departments work together, they can better understand their needs and wants.


    • ⦁ Greater workflow efficiency: Collaboration between departments can help streamline workflows and reduce wasted time.


    • ⦁ Building solid relationships: Collaboration across departments can help build strong relationships across teams.


    • ⦁ More valued editorial staff: Collaboration across departments can help ensure editorial staff are valued and supported.


  • ⦁ Credibility and trust with customers: Collaboration between departments can help build customer credibility and trust.

Gomes and Passeti also highlighted the importance of understanding the intersection between the marketing and sales departments. They stressed that the content team needs to engage with the commercial team to understand the customer’s needs.

Communication between the two departments must be open and transparent to achieve this. Collaborative projects can also be an effective way to promote collaboration between the two departments.

Finally, they highlighted the importance of recognizing and rewarding joint success: “When both departments work together and achieve success, it is important to recognize and reward the work of both teams”.

How did Serasa transform its image and increase its brand awareness?

Considered by us as one of the highest points of Digitalks Expo 2023, the lecture led by Matheus Moura, Marketing Director at Serasa, and Felipe Schepers, COO and Co-Founder of Opinion Box, brought a practical case on how to measure, transform and strengthen brand recognition.


Schepers highlighted the importance of defining clear objectives for brand awareness and using metrics to monitor results and also underscored the need to understand the target audience and create relevant content for them.

Debt in Brazil is a serious problem which affects millions of people. According to a survey by Opinion Box in partnership with Serasa, 83% of people in debt had their social life impacted, 63% felt the impact of debt on their relationships with family, 62% felt the impact of debt on their relationship, 57 % felt terrible about having to borrow money from family members and 36% moved away from friends.

This data shows that debt is not just a financial issue but also affects people’s mental and emotional health. Serasa’s brand transformation exemplifies how a company can position itself as an ally for people in debt and help improve their lives.

Moura presented the case of Serasa, which underwent a brand transformation in 2016. The company, which was only associated with adverse credit, started to position itself as an ally of people in debt. To achieve this, Serasa invested in relevant content, such as videos and articles about financial education, and communication actions that connected with the target audience.

As a result, the company significantly increased brand awareness indicators. According to a survey by Opinion Box, awareness of the Serasa brand reached 83% in June 2023.

Serasa’s marketing director highlighted some tips that can help companies strengthen brand awareness:

  • ⦁ Patience when building positioning: brand awareness is built over time. It takes time and dedication to position the brand in the market.
  • ⦁ Benchmarking: analyzing the strategies of other companies can be a source of inspiration.
  • ⦁ Keep up with the moment: it is essential to be aware of trends and events worldwide to create relevant content.
  • ⦁ Brand metrics: metrics help track results and identify what is working or not and are for all companies.

Serasa’s case shows that it is possible to transform a brand’s image with consistent and targeted work.


Quality SMI at Digitalks Expo 2023: Glimpsing the future of digital marketing

Our participation in Digitalks Expo 2023 was a truly enriching experience, providing us with an insider’s view of the latest in the world of digital marketing and the innovation and technology trends shaping the sector’s future. As we learned about the revolutionary solutions and visionary strategies presented by big names in the market, the need for constant transformation became apparent, and we were able to apply insights to our system.

As brands seek to stand out in an increasingly competitive environment, deepening knowledge and making data-based decisions is essential. Digital Expo 2023 was an opportunity to learn, inspire and connect with what is better in digital marketing.

If you liked this overview and want to stay updated with the main trends in digital marketing, innovation and technology, follow our blog and learn more about geolocation marketing, B2B digital marketing and many others.


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