Photos for Instagram how to attract attention on this social network

Photos for Instagram: how to attract attention on this social network

If you are a user, you have undoubtedly seen fabulous images and wondered how they do it. The truth is that there is no magic formula with which your photos for Instagram are irresistible, nor are there any secrets. However, it does not mean there is nothing to do to improve your photos.

There are many tips for creating images that capture users’ attention. Do you want to discover some?

Take care of the lighting.

One of the most common problems in photographs is the proper use of light. If you take photos for Instagram with your cell phone (something pervasive), you may need better lighting, especially when photographing indoors.

Find the best angle and do several tests until you find the best place to take advantage of the light. You can also use a spotlight or retouch the image with filters.

Don’t get obsessed with the perfect photo.

Uploading an image of a sunset in the mountains to Instagram can be the most impressive thing in the world, but not all of us are lucky enough to live in an environment of this type.

If you are looking for the perfect image, you will likely not upload anything to your Instagram profile. Plus, many everyday opportunities can be a great fit and bring you new likes and followers. With a bit of imagination, even a chip on an old wall can have its appeal.

Also, keep one thing in mind: you can’t live off a single photo. So, even if you nail the perfect image, you’ll have to keep looking for new opportunities for your Instagram photos.


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Use filters well in your photos for Instagram.

As we have said, you can use filters if the image needs improvement. Although some think that it is the solution to turn mediocre ideas into great photos for Instagram, the truth is that it is best to make it good without additional help. What’s more, sometimes the filter can damage it.

Try several filters until you find the one that fits the style you want to give to the photograph. And if none convinces you, don’t put it on. Take advantage of the hashtag #SinFilters, and you will succeed more than with a lousy retouch.

Additional applications

If you don’t like Instagram filters, or they don’t give you what you’re looking for, you can take advantage of one of the many photo retouching apps. Some are very advanced; you can remove the background, apply selective filters to certain parts of the image, and much more. One of the best-rated is, although many others can help you.

Passion is the key to taking good photos for Instagram.

The best way to get your Instagram photos to attract attention is to show that you like what you do. If you put effort and love into it, everything else will come sooner or later.

What have you done so far to succeed on Instagram? Has it worked for you?


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